Welcome, welcome, welcome! You’ve reached a blog that used to be defined by being about film and music. Now it is not defined at all!

Here at Ravings In Cinemascope, I most often review film and TV, with the occasional look at books and music as well. I even sometimes write about cooking, and events in my life like the time I nearly died in an unfortunate waterfall accident. If you have a look at the tags on this blog, you’ll be able to work out rather easily what I most like to write about.

I also contribute to Funk’s House of Geekery, a corner of the internet devoted to…geekery!

When not writing on the internet, I sell furniture, drive a mid-range hatchback, go out a lot, and study.

Should you ever desire to contact me, flick an email to mylesp2@hotmail.com. All carrier pigeons will be returned to sender; you’ve no idea the mess they make.


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