Book Review: Doctor Who “Rose”, by Russell T Davies

A little something I wrote over at Funk’s House of Geekery recently.

Funk's House of Geekery

Rose novelIf you were a Doctor Who fan during the classic run, the Target Books range of novelisations was a must have. They were a way to access stories which it seemed would never again see the light of day after broadcast, and so contributed to the longevity of Doctor Who as a multimedia franchise long before that expression was invented. Often written by the original screenwriter, or by former Who script editor Terrance Dicks if they weren’t available, the books either faithfully translated good scripts to the novel format, or improved hugely upon bad ones. Target Books would eventually be killed off at the end of the 1980s, but now as part of a cynical cash grab ongoing effort to make Doctor Who past and present more accessible, the BBC has recently revived the defunct imprint for a new range of novelisations. Thus far, five have been released, spanning from…

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