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Funk's House of Geekery

“You’re a beautiful woman, probably.”
– The Doctor, City of Death (1979)

The Doctor Who story City of Death has quite a legacy. Rewritten (from an original story by David Fisher) over a weekend by Douglas Adams, armed with nothing but a typewriter and a bottle of whiskey, it took the Doctor and Romana to Paris on a shoestring budget and public holiday weekend meaning many of the shooting locations were closed. All these hurdles overcome, the story was screened on the BBC during an ITV strike. This in mind, but not to take away from the glory, it managed to gain 16 million viewers by its fourth and final episode, making it the best rating Doctor Who story ever broadcast. Contemporary reviews criticised the humorous tone, but we now know it is an absolute classic work of Douglas Adams and also a very good Doctor Who story.Adams was offered…

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