For years I have loved the upbeat and exciting theme tune for classic British TV series, The Avengers. Throughout its run, it starred Patrick Macnee as the eccentric and stylish John Steed, mysterious operative for a secretive branch of British intelligence, a character backed up by a strong female co-star. Honor Blackman, most famous for her role as Pussy Galore in the James Bond film, Goldfinger, vacated her position on The Avengers as Cathy Gale to take up the Bond offer. She was succeeded by Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, who would become Macnee’s best-remembered co-star on the show. Rigg also left to appear in a Bond film, and she was in turn succeeded by Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Even though I loved its theme and the idea of the show, I’d never watched The Avengers until a few months ago. I was hooked. I started with Series 4, which marked Diana Rigg’s debut in the series, and oh man, it’s just so much fun. Rigg and Macnee are clearly having the time of their lives with each other, and their chemistry improves hugely what would otherwise be a fairly average mid-century British TV show. I’ve watched quite a bit of it now, and amongst the familiar faces that have popped up are pretty much everyone from that time who was ever British and in TV or movies ever, all putting in solid and enjoyable performances. It’s kind of fun to spot people whose big roles didn’t happen until later and see what they were up to before their big break.

Well, as I inevitably do when I love something on TV, I made a few posters for the series, based on a still image from the series 4 end credits (which means the lady is Emma Peel). Enjoy!

This is the simplest version.
Emphasising the Britishness, one of the things that makes the series so enduringly popular.
This one is based on the frustratingly hard to find and expensive series 4 BluRay box art.

Let me know which one you like best!

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