Thunderbirds could well be GO! again, thanks to a Kickstarter launched earlier this week.


Masterminded by Stephen La Riviere, creator of the critically acclaimed Filmed In Supermarionation documentary from 2014, this campaign seeks to create the first new episodes of Thunderbirds made in fifty years. Using archival sound sourced from 1960s audio-only stories released as tie-ins to the original show, the crew will use the same techniques and materials as used in 1965 for as near-authentic a Thunderbirds experience as is humanly possible.

The new episode(s) should see release in December 2015 if all goes to plan, but what has to happen first is that the Kickstarter must be fully funded.

“Hello, this is millionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy speaking. That’s some project you have there.”

Kickstarter, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a prominent crowdfunding organisation which provides a platform for creators to seek funding from any member of the public to back some sort of idea (in this case, super awesome puppet shows). Since the death of Gerry Anderson in 2013, his son and estate have been hard at work bringing many of Gerry’s unrealised ideas to life, and Kickstarter has played a huge role in that. Gotta love the power of market capitalism at work, hey?

Anyway, after only 4 days of campaigning, the project is over 85% funded. I chucked in a bit, and if there’s a small part of you that looks back fondly at the Thunderbirds reruns of the 1990s and thinks “Gee, I really, really, miss that show and really still love it as much as Myles does,” then you too should donate!

You can find the Kickstarter page here. See the trailer for the project below:

Help make it happen, folks!