First off, I just want to state that these posts are more likely to be about absurdism, but there’s not a day of the week that starts with “A” and so I couldn’t alliterate the title.

In my first year of uni, I developed an appreciation for the surreal and the absurd. Things that are slightly out-of-step with normality, or just full-on weird. Consequently, Munch’s Expressionist masterpiece “The Scream” is my favourite piece of art.

“The Scream”, or at least one of its many forgeries.

So, every Sunday (well, hopefully – lately my run on Movie Tuesday has been a little inconsistent so we’ll see what happens), I’ll be sharing something I’ve discovered which is just, well, a little weird.

This week, thanks to shares on Facebook from a few of my politically inclined friends, I came across a tumblr called Comment. A parody of the Guardian‘s “Comment is free” editorial website, Comment provides fictional headlines satirising the often strange and bizarre high horses mounted by the writers on “Comment is free”.

It’s a refreshing little corner of the internet where things are almost as weird as some of the stuff that appears on news websites as editorials.