Yesterday, my Dad (whose frustratingly entertaining blog you can find here) disappeared into a world of dust, fine bone china, wrinkles, tat, senior citizens, children’s television Annuals from 1975, and other ancient things – an event advertised as an Antique Fair, which justly describes the majority of patrons and pedlars at these august cult events.

He returned home with a few things, but what caught my eye was this.

Sized in an order of which I think John Lennon would have approved most.
Sized in an order of which I think John Lennon would have highly approved.

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved Russian nesting dolls (and I’ve just learnt the correct name is “matryoshka”, not “babushka” as I had always thought), but these are the best ones I’ve ever seen. Apparently they’re handmade in Russia and sold for some exorbitant sum, but to me this does not matter. It’s the Beatles. In nesting doll form. I have no need for other Beatles knick-knacks now I have been provided with this.

[Unused titles for this post included ‘Beatles for Sale’, ‘Redollver’, and ‘Within You, Within You’.]


Since I last wrote for this blog, it’s been Christmas, and New Year. I must say, for me it’s been the most memorable festive season for some years, and, dear reader, I hope yours was excellent too. 2014 was a marvellous year for me, personally, professionally, and on this blog as well (I’m still chuffed with the immense amount of positive feedback I received about my ranking of the Bond films), and I look forward to the challenges and excitement of 2015! Thanks for reading!


In response to the Daily Post’s weekend photo challenge, New.