In response to the Daily Post’s photo challenge, Gone, But Not Forgotten.

In 2013, long before I became a sofa merchant with the shop floor as my domain, I worked for a student representative organisation at a Western Australian university. I had an office! Here is a picture of it from when I had just started work in December 2012.

Before I filled it with photographs, knick-knacks, a gut which inflated due to my insatiable appetite for delicious things, and a pile of unfiled paperwork.

This isn’t by any means a great picture – but it represents a lot more than it shows. It represents innocence, excitement, optimism, and a feeling of unbridled potential.

It’s also a reminder to me that life is never easy, or free of the risk of beard growth. That office was the field for a lot of curveballs, and I often wonder if I did it all again whether I would play them differently. I learnt a lot of lessons about the kind of person I want to be while I worked in that office. That office also saw some great moments and memorable times, like the time when [CENSORED]. In that small room and in the building containing it I formed a great many friendships which I hope will last a lifetime.

I really miss working out of that office, and I miss everyone I worked with, so I visit often. In terms of the bigger picture, working to benefit the community is hugely rewarding, despite any challenges and frowns it may create. It’s now over two years since I started there, and a new crowd have just begun their term. But I’ll never forget the time that office was my office.